Lash & Brow Certifications Available!

Lash Extensions: 

Classic Lashd Natural Glam - $125
This look is our Classic Lash, similar to that of one coat of mascara. It is a 1:1 ratio meaning one extension is attached to one natural lash. 
75 min.

Classic Lashd Everyday Volume Glam - $160
Our most popular set for everyday. This look gives you a darker lash line and just a tad bit more thickness
90 min.

Classic Combo Set - $150

This set uses mostly classics with in between volume lashes- 90%/10% ratio

90 min.

Classic Lashd Dramatic Glam - $189
Perfect for special occasions or if you just want that extra drama to the eyes that will flutter in the breeze
120 min. 

Hybrid Lashd Glam- $175

Hybrid is a mixture of the classic technique (1:1 ratio) and volume technique (fans of 3D or more). Perfect for those who want just a little drama 

120 Min. 

Lashd Volume- $225 

Our Lash Babes attach fans (3D-5D)  with thinner lashes and place them onto one natural lash creating that perfect fuller, fluffier look

120 min.

Lash Refills: (Only For Existing Clients) 

*Anything over 3 weeks may be considered a full set

Classic Lashd Natural Glam  
1 week fill- $35
45 min.
2 week fill - $65
60 min. 
3 week fill - $79
75 min. 

Classic Combo 
2 week fill - $70
90 Min.
3 week fill - $80
105 Min.

Classic Lashd Everyday Volume Glam
Classic Lashd Dramatic Glam 
2 week fill - $75 
90 min.
 3 week fill - $85 
105 Min.

Hybrid Lashd Glam
2 week fill- $75
80 min.
3 week fill- $85
90 min.

Lashd Volume
2 week fill- $85
90 min.
3 week fill -$95
105 min.

Lash Extension Removal$30 
30 min.

Keratin Lash Lift- $110

This is a service which uses Elleebana products to lift up your natural lashes similar to that of a perm. This service is meant to make your lashes thicker, stronger and consequently healthier. Should last approximately 6-8 weeks. 
 45 min. 

Brow Lamination- $130

45 min.

Permanent Makeup: 

Recommended that these services have a 6-8 week touch-up. If services are after 8 weeks, please refer to Color Boost Prices.
If you are booking with Brow Galore-Jaida, please visit her booking page. 

Ombre Brows: $350 (LIMITED TIME)
Touch Up: $100

Upper Eyeliner: $200
Touch Up:$100

Lower Eyeliner: $200
Touch Up: $100

Upper and Lower Eyeliner: $400
Touch Up: $100

Lips: $350
Touch Up: $100


Brows & Eyeliner: 
3-6 months - $150

6-12 months - $180

Over 12 Months - $250

Stretch Mark Camouflage

with Michelle
Initial Session Starts at $250 
Typical Session is 2 hours. If more hours are required, $100/hour will be added to the cost

Touch up Session starts at $200
Must book within 60 days of initial appointment
If more hours are required, $100/hour will be added to the cost.

Body Contouring

with Michelle
Please see booking page for pricing

MicroChanneling- Stem Cell Skin Rejuvenation 

with Michelle
Please See Booking Page for Pricing

True Skin By Carina Facial Treatments

Deluxe Facial Treatment
45 Mins
3-pack 10% Disc
6- pack 15% Disc
12-pack- 20% Disc
A comprehensive facial treatment to target one specific skin concern. This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, extraction with hydro dermabrasion, a facial massage, mask, and finishing with moisturizer as well as SPF.

Deluxe Facial Treatment PLUS
60 Mins
3-pack 15% Disc
6-pack 20% Disc
12-pack 25% Disc
Everything in a Deluxe Facial Treatment as described above PLUS choice of one of the following:
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Crayo Skin Therapy
  • Micro Current
  • LED Light Treatment

TrueSkin Signature Facial Treatment
75 min
3-pack 20% Disc
6-pack 25% Disc
12-pack 30% Disc
Everything included in a Deluxe Facial Treatment PLUS as described above with additional enhancers/booster products, as well as an oxygen-infusing treatment, a hydrating eye treatment and a special Gua Sha facial massage


See booking page for how to book with Glowetry

Teeth Whitening- $120 
(Recommended every 4-6 months)

Touch up- $85
(If scheduled 1-3 months after initial session. For those clients who want to get a little brighter and have no sensitivity)

Tooth Gems- $60 and up
(Please contact to discuss what look and gem youd like)